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This site you are looking at is a “Symbiostock Site”. Symbiostock stands for “Symbiotic Stock Imaging”. In concept, many artists would work together and network their stock imaging sites -  a sort of digital artist’s colony.

You can download the latest version here:


180 sites, 289,630 images!

Over the course of two years an impressive 180 sites were launched using the open source Symbiostock system. Actually the number is closer to 300, but 180 were completed and had images available. At the time of this writing, the image count available had peaked at 289,630 images available across the network. But as a coordinated public effort, it was not sustainable. See more here: … and if you are a previous Symbiostock supporter, please see this letter:

At this point I simply offer my website package to those who would like to launch their own independent image selling site. Symbiostock excels in quite a few areas.

Would you like to sell your own images direct?

I am able to offer technical assistance or answer any questions you may have in launching your site. If you are curious what a Symbiostock site can do, or what its capable of – simply look at this site. Its typically a theme built on wordpress. Because it was available to a general audience, the admin area where you do your image processing, price setting, licensing, etc, are all fairly user friendly. Also it posts your images to twitter, allowing some advertising socially.

Symbiostock was quite a huge project to accomplish publically. Sadly though a publically maintained Symbiostock is not financially feasible, as we’ve discovered (I suppose its just too free!) but it will be available directly from me as I privately develop it. Also it is open source, so you are welcome to make adjustments and share those as well.

Symbiostock is being privately developed.

Reinvent yourself! Launch a Symbiostock site. It is now being privately developed among friends.