Project Roundup: Hot Bots and Rogi Robot

Introducing a new character to the AO-Maru series. His name is Rogi Bot. “Rogi” is Igor spelled backwards. This character is intended to bring the series out of the “stock photo” realm and hopefully find their way into games as Royalty Free Game characters (a completely new concept).

Rogi Bot, Fire Hornet Version

The new Rogi Bot should do well representing the usual Robotics and Technology fields as the other mascots do, but with the added bonus of hopefully being used in modern game development and entertainment.

Unlike AO-Maru, who is generally seen acting out various roles such as a detective, computer technician, and so forth, Rogi Bot is less agile but has a giant body meant for mounting different machinery. Hopefully we will be able to see him playing the part of a construction bot (with giant drill), or maybe a welder. In this picture he has a giant heat gun…which I simply made to test out various ways to render heat and flame effects.

Over the years a few mascots of this style have been developed, but now its time to bring things to a new and more refined level, and hopefully up to date with modern trends in use of technology, apps, and the way we use imaging and 3d technology.

Giant robot with mounted jets.

Giant Robot Front View

Robot Robot Rocketeer Flying with Burning Jets

Blueberry Bot with Upgraded Jets

Viewport Screenshot - 3d Robot in Development

Wireframe Screenshot of Rogi Bot 3d Model

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