Project Roundup: Assesstech Mascot, 3d Owl Robot

Robot Owl Top Side, 3d Mascot © Assesstech

Presenting the new Assesstech mascot! Assesstech needed a new 3d mascot. They had been using AO-Maru for quite some time, and needed a change to something more suited to them, that they could own the rights to.

The result was this cute little guy. This was an ideal project. They gave me creative freedom to a large degree, with only a few minor changes requested, and within a week they had this shiny new little guy to represent their business.

Robot Owl, 3d Mascot © Assesstech

Would you like a 3d mascot? Get in touch. See this website. It has become a specialty of mine, and generally I can create anything within my signature style that you might require. Simply contact me via or

Robot Owl Cute Pose, 3d Mascot © Assesstech

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