New Illustration Clip Art of Da Vinci (DaVinci) Ornithopter Flying Machine Concept Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Illustration Clip Art of Da Vinci (DaVinci) Ornithopter Flying Machine Concept

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This was no easy project! As I embarked to visualize this Da Vinci flying machine concept, I thought “how hard can it be? Its just a few wings and boards joined by ropes”.

It turns out Da Vinci, with all the time he had put into this concept, had developed it to quite a sophisticated degree, with complex pulley systems, lots of parts, and of course the lack of completeness that makes the job quite hard for an artist to visualize much later.

So what we have here is a REASONABLY accurate model, based on the original concept.

You can use this with the confidence that it should convincingly carry the thought that DaVinci had in mind when he invented this flying machine ornithopter thingy.

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