New Collection of Robotics and Cybernetics Illustrations Set Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Collection of Robotics and Cybernetics Illustrations Set

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The Robotto clipart illustration collection is an awesome way to depict technology and internet related subjects.

This illustration collection features the orange cybernetic robot set as well as the webcam android character.

Because Japan is the leader in the robotics industry, all of my robots were created to some degree considering Japanese culture. Hence the collection is called “The Robotto Series”.

Within the Robotto illustration collection you will find interesting concepts such as:

The Robot Behomoth: A giant robot that depicts a guardian personality, which can be used to decorate the concept of antivirus software and protection against computer threats.

The Robot Searcher: A little flying robot with a giant eye, suggesting his job is to find and seek whatever its master has sent it out to observe. Good concept for search engine software.

The Robot Webcrawler: Yet another cute concept regarding searchability, but created to depict the well-known webcrawler concept, a little software used by search engines in the indexing process.

The Firewall Robot: A big iron giant that appears to be a strong and unmoving object, with a nice fire icon shown on his chest. This is another illustration which can depict internet security or even, you guessed it, firewall software! Awesome illustration in the collection.

The Webcam Robot: A 3d robot with a giant eye, appearing as a webcam. This little guy is shown in a number of roles, all technology related.

The entire collection is the product of much effort. Each illustration is created with purpose, to portray something useful to a design.

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