JesterArts Project: Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter, the Wardenclyffe Tower

Here is a project I created some time ago, free to the masses: Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower.

The 3d model is available here:

This massive tower stood over 180 feet high and was meant to transmit energy to other recieving towers via wireless transmission. Nikola Tesla achieved this through smaller experiments, and created this tower to bring his creation to a global level. Sadly, “free energy” did not match the vision of his investors, so the project was shut down. Due to people frequently stealing his ideas, Nikola Tesla never fully explained how this phenomenon worked, leaving modern scientists either baffled or skeptical at the idea.

In harmony with Tesla’s dream to “Keep it free”, these images are free for your use, please enjoy!

Want more free illustrations for your own use? Check out my website:

Magnifying Transmitter, The Wardenclyffe Tower

Magnifying Transmitter, The Wardenclyffe Tower

11 thoughts on “JesterArts Project: Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter, the Wardenclyffe Tower

  1. Hello,

    I had to use mostly visual references I found on the web! It was extremely hard…and not very accurate. Let me see what I can find from test renders to send you.

  2. I too am also modeling the Wardenclyffe Tower for a school project. What references did you use? If possible do you think you could send me a straight on view for reference purpose? Any help would be VERY appreciated!

  3. also do you know any info about it like how tall it is, how wide the platform is or any of those statistics.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I’m working on a comicbook ‘Tunguska’, with the event connected to Tesla.
    It was a nice suprice to find your model on the net, next to the blury pictures… I’ve used it in my currently last page. Thanks!
    (I know the tower was ment to be solid but the open structure works beter on image.)

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  6. Leo, After first contacting you regarding this, we found all the rendered and 3D files. Thank you for providing such excellent source as it really helped us proceed with how to help our friend best. We used the white-bg version above and overlayed it a few times between beams of energy. We couldn’t have done it without you and we are so grateful for your OpenSource generosity. Our design firm Ripple FX does OpenSource too so we can respect and appreciate the licensing. We most certainly posted back here! Many thanks to you again. Our friend is happy and we were happy to help him with this logo design. Best regards, Ripple FX Owner

  7. No, thank you for using it! Credit is always helpful, especially since the redesign of this site.

    Want to have some real fun? I just uploaded a video to youtube. Pretty soon I’ll be putting the video up for people too.


    What exactly is the service you offer, by the way?

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