JesterArts MicroTutorial: Using Blender 3d’s Video Sequence Editor. Create Movie from Png Files

UFO -- Leo Blanchette, JesterArts

UFO -- Leo Blanchette, JesterArts

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A little known fact is that Blender 3d has an awesome video sequencer built into it. You don’t even have to be a 3d artist to use it! In my animation, I usually save out my animation frames as individual picture files for greater editing ability. I’m no expert in animation, so this happens to be a method I enjoy.

Please feel free to use this model for anything you wish! Credit whenever possible. Note that this file takes a while to render an animation. Turn off Raytracing for faster (lower quality) results.

In this tutorial we are going to create this animation:

[wpvideo LjqI8mVk]

This tutorial assumes your an average level Blender 3d user. If you are not familiar with Blender 3d or its workings, please see

1. Download the above file and render an animation in PNG files. This is done going to your render buttons (f10) and choosing your “save as” type to Png or Jpeg. When you render an animation (ctrl f12) your animation will render as a series of Png files which can thereafter be found in your tmp folder in windows.


2. When that has been accomplished (and assuming you are using the Blender Animation set-up found in your downloaded file),  go to your right-most window and be sure you are looking at your video sequence editor.


3. Now choose “Add/Images” through the buttons or push the space bar and choose the option through there.When you’ve done that, navigate to your tmp folder in windows where you will find your series of PNG files (which probably took you overnight to render!). Select them all and place them in the editor.



4. Notice the little block you have to work with. That is the string of Png files you have loaded.

6_Sequence5. Lets note that in your sequence editor you can also preview your animation. In that window simply click the little box to the left of “strip” and choose “image”.


6. Want to preview your animation? In that image mode, simply push play in your animation options. Video below:

[wpvideo e4GofykZ]

7. To save your animation, go to your animation buttons (f10) and choose “do sequence” and push “anim” to output your animation. It will save to your tmp folder by Blender’s default.



This has been another JesterArts Design Tip. If you want to see more Tutorials, join me on Twitter or Facebook! For more of my work, see JesterArts Illustrations.

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