Royalty Free Illustration of Cute Doll-like Chinese Girl/Woman in Asian Cheongsam Dress in Blue hues.

Nimen hao suoyou ren!

Women around the world have had to compete for attention similar to their female counterparts in the animal kindom. It seems that the males always have an advantage. That’s probably why woman’s fashion is such a huge industry. Around the world, womens fashion has out done most mens fashion and has come up with ways to compliment her.

Our young Asian/Oriental Girl is found here in a Chinese Cheongsam Dress. Usually made of silk, (beautiful fabric of the Orient), long, and elegant, and accented with little notions that make her garment definitively Asian. Simple but, well put together for any occasion.

With her cute and innocent voice, she says:

“hen gaoxing renshir nimen”

zai jian women de pengyou!

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