Clip Art Illustration of ants forming the word economy.

Now, economists and statistics professionals will probably be able to calculate the chances of ants accidentally coming together to form the word “economy” in the manner shown above. Their calculation of the likelyhood of this happening will probably be an exponent so large that the time to calculate it (even on a supercomputer) will probably be much less than the time it takes to line up grains of sugar in such a way that they spell “Economy” and turn a bunch of ants loose to collect them.

I would encourage you to read the last sentence a few times…it does make sense after a while.

Whether using sugar or computers to see the success of this event, anyone who attempts this is showing themselves less productive than the ants, which are really instinctive statistics analysts using the activity and events of their colony to judge, without direction, what must be done for the success of that colony in the given moment. Maybe one day we’ll understand how they do it, and copy them! In the meantime, designs like this will help us at least feign a knowledge or appreciation of these things.

Whatever the case, this illustration was made randomly for that random even that a creative professional, perhaps a statistics guy/girl, will need a concept like this to express the idea of economic functions or phenomenons.

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