House Visualization Project for Property Cleaning Services – Project Roundup

3d Render of House project:

To clean a house, you have to build a house, and to build a house, you have to have plans… oh the complexity!

Recently a customer has commissioned me to do about 40 3d rendered illustrations of blue people (3d) going through the services of outdoor housecleaning, restoration, and maintenance. To do a good job…I have to make a good house.

Great! I’ll just get some floor plans and diagrams! …but it turns out these are all copyrighted. Well, I understand and respect copyright…so how can I get some free and easy houseplans? In my research, I ended up finding an available house layout in creative commons on wikipedia.So this, combined with a new look for the orange man (who will now be blue and really really 3d) expect to see a new and long line of 3d house maintenance illustrations. See images below.

Test Render for 3d Blue Man

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