Green Screen Graphics Branding / Mascot Fun. 3d Model Project Round-Up.

The completed Greenscreen Graphics mascot. For those of you who are looking for custom illustrations and branding icons for your business, see the page where I describe this service –

This was a simple project done for Mike Gauthier’s GreenScreen graphics. The g-bot will be seen crawling all over the walls of his shop.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. G-Bot rest pose, Clip Art Illustration.

This was an improvise. My renderer messed up this picture, leaving a whole area of the pic incomplete. Since it was broken, I just edited the photo in photoshop to look really broken.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Damaged robot, broken hand, illustration

Climbing the wall…left.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Looking left, climbing wall, crab robot illustration.

G-bot is leaning back and reaching toward you…

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Crab robot reaching upward clip art illustration

On-guard and contorted.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Crab Robot moving to the left. Clip Art Illustration.

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