Free Illustration: Tesla Magnifying Transmitter, AKA Wardenclyffe Tower. A Technological Work of Art.

Tesla Tower with Corona

Tesla Tower, Corona on Night Sky

The Magnifying Transmitter, 3d Render by Leo Blanchette. Invention of Nikola Tesla

Tesla Tower on White

Tower Illustrations and 3d Model below free for your use.

Here is an animated walkthrough of the Tesla Tower/Model

Tesla, Ahead of His Time

Nikola Tesla believed in making
energy freely available to people, but he lived in in an age of
booming industrial growth where everything was being utilized for

Free illustrations and 3d model provided:
Magnifying Transmitter Glowing, Magnifying Transmitter
Isolated, and modern fluorescent lamps, Magnifying Transmitter
Tower 3d Model.

See User End License Agreement

Nikola Tesla took a different approach to his inventions.
He demanded perfection, and often solved complex engineering
problems with very simple and elegant solutions. In his time he
was thought to be a sort of magician, besides an engineer, giving
wonderful shows of lighting and electricity and phenomenons of
many sorts.

The Inventions of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

  • Alternating Current Motor
  • Multiphase Power System
  • Fluorescent Light
  • Hydroelectric Generator
  • Radio and Radar
  • Tesla Coil
  • Loud Speaker
  • Practical Use of Xrays
  • Wireless Transmission of Energy

Tesla picture obtained from WikiMedia Commons

Today as sort of technological late bloomers, we are now
using fluorescent light as a standard…whereas he introduced it
long ago. (See free pics at bottom of this post for a modern
fluorescent lamp.)

The Magnifying Transmitter, Tesla’s Masterpiece

greatest invention would never be completed though. The
Magnifying Transmitter, standing about 187 feet tall, pictured in
this article, was meant to send energy invisibly through the air
without wires. Tesla claimed the entire globe could be powered by
this invention, and without loss of energy in transmission. For
more information on Nikola Tesla, see

Keeping it Free…

In line with Tesla’s Dream to keep
it free
here are the free illustrations of his inventions as
well as a free 3d model of the Magnifying Transmitter tower that
was used to render them, and a link to the free open source
software Blender 3d to be able to open it!

3d Model (Blender 3d File) of the Magnifying
Transmitter: 3.13 Megabytes. Requires Blender 3d to use–
download Blender 3d here.

download Free Blender 3d Magnifying Transmitter Tesla Model

Notes concerning model: When I
created this I had mostly visual references to work from. This
model is a good likeness of the tower, but not strictly
accurate. This is because accurate information regarding its
structure was not available besides a few loosely described
dimensions and some hard to judge photos. This is the first
time this model has ever been released to the public.
PLEASE CREDIT Leo Blanchette and
for your use of the model, and
I would love to see what you use it for!

blender 3d iconClick
Here to download the blender 3d model of the Magnifying
Transmitter Wardenclyffe Tower

Originally Pioneered by Tesla

A concept initially explored by Tesla. 3d Model by Leo Blanchette, free download.

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Tesla tower used in a comic

This model was used in this comic a comic recently! Click image to go to Illustrator


24 thoughts on “Free Illustration: Tesla Magnifying Transmitter, AKA Wardenclyffe Tower. A Technological Work of Art.

  1. Are you able to improve on this model?

    Have you found more reference material to build a more accurate model?

    Would you like to share a link on how you’ve used this model?

    Please share with us in a comment below!

  2. Leo,
    This is just beautiful. Wow—you did a great job! I haven’t seen anything of this quality, and to make the art and model files free really shows that you get what Nicola Tesla was about. I respect that ;)
    (I do a lot of free/open source work so I can appreciate why and how you released these files.)
    I have been looking for something HQ like this for a while. I am helping a friend with a logo; he really loves Wardenclyffe towers and you literally just made my day because I know this is perfect to start with.
    Shoot me an email and I will gladly share how it goes; of course you deserve credit for this beautiful artwork.
    My hat goes off to you Leo. Thanks again!

    Kind regards, GD

  3. I’m very glad you like it! I read the book Man Out of Time and have loved Tesla’s work since I was a teenager. His work definitely showed that he had a very unique understanding of wave phenomena.

    Once you finish the project feel free to link to it from here too! Thank you for using the images/ 3d model.

  4. We would like to speak to you about this image placed on the back of a Nikola Tesla Scientific Achievement Medal as well write about how it was contructed using your design program for students who will be in attendance if you are interested in a booth we can set you up to promote your company as well as in Las Vegas Nevada. thank you The Global Energy Xpo 2011

  5. Hello!
    That is no problem at all! You can contact me Leo {AT}
    I’m very happy that it suits your needs.

  6. Great page, I loved the wardenclyffe tower; actually that’s how I got to this page in the first place.

    I am searching for reference images of the legendary tower to make a 3D model of myself, in order to practise my skills, and in a sort of a humble tribute to the great Tesla himself.

    Having said that, if you could please help me with this search (since google images are in most cases too low res) I would really appreciate it.

    Best regards

  7. No joke! Finding reference images is extremely difficult for this project. It took me longer to do research than to build the actual model.

    The *big* helper for me was a drawing I found called the Anderson_Drawing.gif. Search for that combined with terms such as “tesla” and the tower and such. I would upload it for you, but I do not want to breech any copyrights.

    Also by searching in depth, you can find entire newspaper (largescale) graphics. They are highly-black/white contrast, but in studying those in comparison to other photographs, you can get a pretty good idea of how to assemble it. The Anderson Drawing will give you overall proportions, the photographs will help you with details. When you “get it right” everything falls together like a puzzle.

    Some things in this model which I simply could not get right were:

    1: The staircase.
    2: The floor of the dome.
    3: The actual device its built around.

    There is also an underground apparatus to you can find online involving waterways and such. Trying to take those rough plans and making them an accurate model, though…very hard.

    Somewhere out there, no doubt, there are accurate plans and photographs to be shared. Perhaps someone will get generous one day? As things become more open source and available in our day, Tesla’s original “share it for free” should perhaps motivate modern authorities on his work to share what they have.

    Hope this helps! I cannot post pictures I don’t have rights to, but those were the methods I used!


  8. I have nothing but words of thankfulness, you have really helped me!

    My only wish is that your final words come true, this is the true legacy of Tesla!

    Best regards,

  9. Hello Leo,
    Thank Leo, for allowing the use of your wonderful drawing as we have placed it on the back of a Scientific Achievemnet Gold Medallion we are presenting to several distinguished and honored guest and The MGM Grand June 23-26th and we extend our sincere gratitude for your work.
    We are completing the process for the Medallion Design for the Global Energy Xpo in Las Vegas Nevada. Daniel Carr our coin sculpter needs a stl file of the Wardenclyffe cad drawing for the Scientific Achievement Medallion I sent the drawing via email and we wondering if you could send that to him *snip* Computed 970 677-*snip*
    We thank You and will offer you VIP seating for you and your guest at our star studded event as well as honorable mention and a copy of the medallion to take home with you.
    Thank you again
    James Turner

  10. I’ve responded to you via email! I greatly appreciate the opportunity and how you’ve used the model for the event!

  11. In an effort to understand and possibly revive some of TESLA’S unfinished works, can anyone explain exactly how the WARDENCLYFFE TOWER was supposed to have worked to transmit energy wirelessly. Did it still need a power plant to provide the original electricity which was then amplified?

    Secondly, is this the same process by which TESLA planned to draw free energy from the ionosphere which could be used to power cars, airplanes, boats, etc.?

    Finally, are either of these related to his concept of ZERO POINT energy or is that a completely separate issue?

  12. A plant (power source) was needed, but nobody knows exactly what he had in mind. He did however demonstrate to people he had a few ways of transmitting power wirelessly.

    Second question you had: He intended to power all sorts of things through the tower (like the things you mentioned) but the power source would be something else.

    Third question you had: Completely different. Telsa never touched Zero point energy…I’m pretty sure thats a very modern concept.

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  14. You’ve made great model — and I thought I was the only one crazy enough to actually attempt this!

    In my own LightWave version of Wardenclyffe I’ve integrated more of an access ladder-type stairway into one of the main trusses that terminates at a hatch in the main deck flooring.

    It makes sense to me that access was for construction and maintenance, not for everyday use, nor at all guided by modern OSHA standards.

    Also, it saves a lot of timber to place the access stairway into a truss, leaving the tower’s interior 100% free and clear.

    Again, excellent work! I will email you shots of mine if you contact me.


  15. I’d love to see shots. And that makes perfect sense regarding the stairs being mostly for construction. The finished depiction of it has it looking a lot like a lighthouse. It makes you wonder if it could have ended up being developed into a structure with rooms as well.

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  17. Just wanted to let you know that I used this awesome render in a fiction book cover I made. Thank you. I am crediting you in the render and other media I used it in.

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