When is a Website Officially Finished?

What ever happened to the day when you could create a simple website purely out of html (no css, and certainly no need for php!) with all sorts of animated graphics, scrolling banners, and that token “sign my guestbook!” functionality?

Those were the days. WaRez were internet warriors to be feared…internet games were born…and the secret to ranking high on the search engines was to place your white text of repeating keywords against a white webpage background. Anyone who jumped into e-commerce in those days had a very good chance of success.

I was 15 then, and since then a lifetime has passed…and now I’m 30! 15 years later from that time I’m finding there is NO END to the dedication required in running a website, and learning the ins-and-outs of programming, html, and css is just the beginning! If only it could be as simple as the “old days”. But I guess the same can be said of anything.

Finally…my first website is finished…or is it? The demand of a successful website never ends! I’ve learned a great deal in HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, and have concluded its WTMI.

Help me out by sharing a link or two on this website somewhere on the internet! At this time, still being the one-man-band creating illustrations as well as the code to sell them I have accepted that I will never be able to dot every “i” and cross ever “t” in the endless demand of running clipartillustration.com!

Well, now that this thing is pretty much done I’m happy to go back to the drawing board, where an illustrator belongs!

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