Pictures and Clip Art Illustrations for WordPress

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Since man has been penning his thoughts, writing and illustration have been inseparable. Historically , some civilizations expressed themselves through pictures alone, these pictures evolving into the “characters” of the modern Chinese culture. Good written expression is more than just words. Written content is more effective with good illustrations. The human mind naturally engages itself with content that includes pictures, than just text alone.

WordPress Blogging and Writing with Illustrations

People now more than ever are expressing themselves through written content. Many of these people are using WordPress. I’ve created a wordpress plugin which gives users of all sorts easy access to good illustrations to accompany their writing. Please read on.

Clip Art Illustration Search and Insert for WordPress ( – download – )

orange man with thought bubble pondering

When a person writes, they are thinking in pictures. When a person is reading, they too are thinking in pictures. If pictures are provided to aid the text, how much more effective the delivery is!

the Illustration WordPress Plugin

When you download the plugin I created, Clip Art Illustration Search and Insert, you have the ability to stop, search, find, and insert any illustration you need to compliment your writing. Its easy and fast. Its not for mere convenience that I’ve made the “illustrate your writing” process easy and fast through this pugin, but rather, your train of thought must remain as unbroken as possible when trying to express yourself effectively through written words.

illustration clip art of 3d orange man shouting into megaphone leadership concept<br />

Another advantage to this plugin: It uses quality illustrations that are consistent and attractive. Most of my illustration series are created to compliment each other and give a consistent branding scheme to the writer / company using them. This has proven to be a valuable asset to the portfolio and to the people using it.

Advantages of the WordPress Clip Art Illustration Plugin

Having used the plugin myself, here is a list of other advantages I’ve found:

  • It lightens the load for blog-post creation process, allowing me to put my energy into writing.
  • More professional end-result.
  • Gets rid of “the blog” look, and appears more like an article…a good side effect.
  • Its fun. The jQuery interface of this plugin makes the whole process enjoyable and streamlined.

I used the WordPress Clip Art Illustration Search and Insert plugin for this post. Cool huh? Download my WordPress Clip Art Illustration Search and Insert plugin if you are a blogger or writer that uses wordpress. It will be a valuable and essential tool in your writing.