JesterArts Project: Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter, the Wardenclyffe Tower

Here is a project I created some time ago, free to the masses: Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower.

The 3d model is available here:

This massive tower stood over 180 feet high and was meant to transmit energy to other recieving towers via wireless transmission. Nikola Tesla achieved this through smaller experiments, and created this tower to bring his creation to a global level. Sadly, “free energy” did not match the vision of his investors, so the project was shut down. Due to people frequently stealing his ideas, Nikola Tesla never fully explained how this phenomenon worked, leaving modern scientists either baffled or skeptical at the idea.

In harmony with Tesla’s dream to “Keep it free”, these images are free for your use, please enjoy!

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Magnifying Transmitter, The Wardenclyffe Tower

Magnifying Transmitter, The Wardenclyffe Tower

Wardenclyffe Tower — First Render, Free Image

As promised, here is the first free image hot off the render pipeline! Nikola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter. More than likely I will be producing many more images on this subject.

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Wardenclyffe Tower Magnifying Transmitter Progress

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Bringing to Life a Historic Dream.

 I sent out the call to those interested in being a part of resurrecting this interesting, yet almost forgotten piece of history, the Wardenclyffe Tower. Especially a drafting person to fill in the technical gaps in design. The response was overwhelmingly non-existent! One could hear a cricket chirp all the from the village of Smiljan near the town of Gospić, Austrian Empire. In response to that half interested cricket, I've begun and am now well into this project of creating a somewhat realistic visualisation of this forgotten dream.

I have acculated a small collection of  visual references plus some overall measurements of the tower, but much of it as like piecing together a fossil, having to to re-invent certain parts of it to fill in the gaps that have been lost to the erosion that time tends to exert.

Despite the extremely low response, I do believe these images will be very helpful on the subject. After scouring the libraries and internet for resources, its now apparent that any future individual looking for Nikola Tesla related imaging will be benefited. See screenshots of the progress in this blog post.

Oh, Nikola Tesla was born in the village of Smiljan near the town of Gospić, Austrian Empire.

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Wardenclyffe Tower — Nikola Tesla’s Dream of Wireless Energy Transmission

Wardenclyffe Tower 3d Visualization,
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Tesla: Man Out of Time
Tesla: Man Out of Time
Margaret Cheney

Would you like to read an inspiring, powerful, and yet sad story? Read Man out of Time, by Margaret Cheney.  Nikola Tesla was different from other inventors of his day or prior in many ways. He is credited for pioneering the concept of alternating current, creating the alternating current motor, plus a few other concepts that literally drive industry today.

But who has ever heard of the wireless transmission of electrical energy? He had hoped to accomplish this through his concept of the "magnifying transmitter". This was his greatest dream, of which all of his work was leading up to. It would be a clean, efficient, and elegant way to provide communications services and energy to the entire globe without power lines or environmentally destructive methods of any sort. It seems like a thing of the future, and yet it was on the verge of becoming a reality as far back as 1903.

The Wardenclyffe Tower which was to house the magnifying transmitter was near completion and then shut down when investors realized a disturbing fact concerning this invention: Who can profit from supplying free energy? A new type of technological society was at its birth in those days. Industry much the same as our present day was powered not by electricity, but money. So many of Tesla's inventions and endeavors were really just stepping stones to this grand invention which he would never complete due to economic reasons. He did not see this as a defeat. He stated: "The present is theirs ; the future, for which I really work , is mine."

Photo example below of the almost completed Wardenclyffe Tower:


So this project, a realistic 3d depiction of the Wardenclyffe tower, has been on my to-do list for a long time. I'll be using the free open source software Blender 3d to create it, and the resulting illustrations will be free to use keeping in stride with the purpose behind the invention itself: Keeping it FREE.

I'll be giving attention to all of the important details and will be making special efforts not to stray from accuracy. I will also do various renditions of the same model to serve educators and enthusiasts alike for any purpose they find. It will be free, and no, its not a marketing ploy. Keep checking back for updates.

NOTE: I am looking for qualified volunteers to help with layouts for the tower itself. See this thread:






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