Optimizing for Social Networks. 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Mascot or Character for Your Website

Social networks are changing web presentation and SEO.With the advent of social networks, web design is changing. The way (and rate) at which people browse the web is changing as well. Indeed, social networks are changing everything.

With social networks making everything so much more…well…social, doesn’t it seem appropriate to reach people on a social level? As you can see on my website, characters and mascots are the perfect way to do this.

Here are 5 reasons why using a mascot will improve your web presence, increase viewer interest, and decrease the bounce rate of your website:

#1. People relate to people better than things.

Studies have shown that a person’s mind will engage more with the material presented if it is done through a person, character, or animal. Our minds instinctively consider human delivered messages to be more important than written information.

#2. More engaging to the human mind.

Did you know the human brain hates looking computer monitors? That’s why viewers visually “scan” material instead of reading it. And they do it really fast, too. Images in general are more engaging than written information and easier to view. Use mascots or characters in your design to portray thoughts and ideas, as opposed to just text.

#3. Effective in leading the eye.

In line with the above facts, a mascot can simulate an instructor, leading the person’s eye throughout the design.

#4. Trend of social networks beckons social imaging.

Its a fact that can no longer be ignored: Social networks have changed the internet. You have to be more social. Content may be king, but your viewers have more say on how your material ranks than even traditional SEO tactics. This means you should appeal to your viewers, visually. A mascot will achieve this to a very high degree.

#5. You will be remembered.

With all those above things considered, you will have made an impact on your website’s viewers. Use a professional character or mascot in your design. With a mascot leading your content, you will have reached them on a more meaningful level than what you could have through information delivery alone.

Social networks have indeed changed the game for making a strong presence for your brand on the internet, but the adjustments you should make are not very big, and more visual than anything.

Mascots seem to give an unfair advantage in popularity rate increase of brands and companies. This has been especially evident with certain insurance companies, entertainment and theme parks, food services, etc.

Consider this as you develop your brand in the presense of your competition and social networks. You will be happy you did.