New Illustration Clip Art of Newly Created Moon Rover or Explorer Robot Beside Scientist Lady Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Illustration Clip Art of Newly Created Moon Rover or Explorer Robot Beside Scientist Lady

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I generated this in 3d then did a vector derivative of it. Thats kinda like studying an artist’s anatomy book to draw a more accurate stick figure.

Lets proceed to the description, because as with so many technical things, not only must I talk to the human being (who can see perfectly well what they are looking at) but I must also talk to the search engine, which will rank this picture, not according to how it looks, but how much I ramble on it as use repeating keywords like “robot”, or “robot”, or more accurately “robot” or, more conservatively, “bot”.

But as mentioned, this totally is a robot, and you can take my word for it, even if you are not a search engine spider (webcrawler bot).

So, moving along (now we are back to talking to you, the human) perhaps you are a web designer and you need a picture of a robot represent your profession of PHP programming or perhaps other similar matters of automation and technology. Well, if you have made it this far, I can assure you it is safe to stop reading and just click the picture to go to the product page. But if you are a glutton for punishment, but all means, keep reading. Perhaps this rambling my accidentally go somewhere productive, and sound less, well, “robotic”.

At this time, my little character counter (which starts at 3000, will be be at about 1560 by the period at the end of this sentence. Wow! I was right! I have calculating mind a robot!

Actually, what I really did was see where the counter was by the time I made the “.” and I simply went back and changed it.

In fact, on the subject of search engines and robots, I even programmed this little feature into my description panel page where I can push a button, and all the stop words are red, and all the healthy searchable words are green. It shows about 30 percent red right now, since I’m using stop words like “the, and, because, etc.”

If you are a search engine robot, you could determine that I’m speaking like a normal human being, hence less likely to be “gaming the system” technically speaking. Would you like me to speak purely in non-stop words? Let me try. I have about 876 characters left to go before it stops me, so here goes…

-Illustration picturing robot / woman standing motioning arm toward new creation.-

Darn…it turns out the words “new” and “toward” are red, which means they are stop words.

If you havent figured it out yet (and there is a method to the madness of this post) obviously I am trying to use up space writing (as I am now down to 484 characters) but I am using words “search engine” and “robot” and “stop words” and such, causing this page to come up under search results in related matters. This just may be one of the biggest picture descriptions I’ve ever done, but hey, maybe it will be worth it.

212 characters to go.

Well, you’ve been a great audience. I must now wrap it up and say “robot” one more time. But in the meantime, please enjoy my illustrations and browsing the website for more fun posts like – 0 Read More (See the Illustration)…

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