Where You Can Find ClipArtIllustration.com’s Secret Outposts…

Not that I’m anti-social…I just don’t feel like social networks are any more realistic for social interaction than reality shows are for reality. I don’t like social networks. They are just another way to make web promotion more complicated and competitive for web designers.

Click here to find clipartillustration.com on them – (clicky clicky)

Nonetheless, I am a web designer and I’m sure there are lots of like-minded web designers who must endure the necessary evil of “twittering” to “get out there” or at least to spread a little link juice.

Without further adieu, here is where you can find me, should you find yourself in a similar social predicament. I haven’t used my name or provided any actual personal information (another thing I don’t like about social networks … just another place to make you vulnerable on the grid) but its me (sort of). I have little bots manning these outposts, retweeting, revoicing, and recycling all of clipartillustration’s activity beyond our website border, ie, automated.

The social networks I have outposts on.

Twitter. ClipArtIllustration.com Twittering with the rest of the noisy little blue birds.


Facebook. The WalMart of social networks.


Tumblr.com. Its cute. My bot runs it.


Posterous. It blogs and blasts for you.


Brightkite…it was there, so I set up shop.


Friendfeed. Feeding your own family is a challenge…but your friends too now? Anyway, SevenSoda is my undercover name there, based on that Seinfeld episode:


Plurk. I kind of like this website! Whats a plurk anyway? I have it manned 24/7 by my blue robot bird.


Jaiku. Yet another goofy name. It was there, so I moved in. (These are all automated by the way…nobody reasonably has time for all this)


Blogspot. Talk about plain-Jane-ing it. Here is blogspot (or blogger…I’m confused)


WordPress – I love wordpress.org. .com is fun too.


Multiply…(It wasn’t long division, so I thought, what the heck…)


Status.net…still trying to figure this out…


Typepad…Another one my little blue bird runs…


Linkedin. Does anyone ever actually get linked in with this site? I want to hear a success story. Just made this one like two seconds ago…My name is Clip Art Illustration. Nope — it has none of my real information but should still be good for communications.