NEW: Orange Man Super Batch.

TONS of new orange men now available! See

Its been quite a while since I've revisited the world of the orange man for creating new illustrations. The orange man series is indeed the most popular of all of my illustrations. I feel kind of like the musician that creates a hit album and after he is known for his style, goes off and explores with new inspiration, only to find "the old stuff" is what everyone is into, and asking for more of. So here I am, back with a new hit album: The Orange Man Super Batch! 

Preview Below — click photo to see larger versions:

As you can see, they cover a wide variety of subjects, from business to play, essential and non-essential, not to mention separate props which are also sold as stand-alone illustrations. A LOT of work went into this batch. Each one is also available in nine color versions! 

Are you among those who have been faithfully keeping up with the series? Contact me or to see about getting the entire batch update for a reduced, bulk price.

And of course they are also available on all of the standard sites I use, such as Istockphoto, Shutterstock, Stockxpert, etc. As a HUGE bonus, any one of these latest ones you download on Istockphoto has an zip file containing the other 9 color versions! Click Here. 


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New Illustration Clip Art of the Prototype of the AO Maru Friendly Robot Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Illustration Clip Art of the Prototype of the AO Maru Friendly Robot

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AO-Maru is a blue robot, close to photo realistic, with sleek design and cute proportions. This, however, is his prototype! When I set out to create a cute robot, I had this cool idea to create a mechanically accurate cartoon-shaded character, with pneumatic pumps and so forth. While this robot certainly did look mechanical and accurate, I decided to just use the body, switch the arms, and change the head a little bit, giving birth to the AO-Maru that everyone has grown accustomed too. Perhaps this little prototype here will have a future…we shall see! Read More (See the Illustration)…

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