New Clip Art Collection of Krinkle’s People Multicultural and Traditional Characters Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Clip Art Collection of Krinkle's People Multicultural and Traditional Characters

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The Krinkle’s People multicultural and international clipart character collection. This thing is awesome. Made for tomorrow, inspired from yesterday…globalization has brought together cultures and nations big and small to create not superpowers or so-called “3rd world countries”, but the 4th-world country we can call the newly networked planet earth.

Krinkle’s people… there is a story behind them. My wife loves culture. And I love my wife. My wife loves cute characters, and I think my wife really cute. Do I need more inspiration??? The result is this little masterpiece of a collection, inspired on my masterpiece of a wife. She helped me decide on and create each one of those…poses…colors, everything!

I hope you get as much joy out of using these as I did making them! Krinkle’s people are my new orange man, my little gems of earth culture.

They are available now as a collection of royalty free images for your use. Read More (See the Illustration)…

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