WordPress Plugin: Search and Use Illustrations Free in Your WordPress Blog

Interface with ClipArtIllustration.com right in WordPress Admin “Post” and “Page” area. Insert pics into your posts for free.

This plugin for WordPress installs into your Administration area, right beneath the Page and Post editing window. Search ClipArtIllustration.com for the picture you need, and when you find it, *click* to insert it to your post. Its easy, very fast, and fun.

Download from WordPress.Org: Clip Art Illustration Search and Insert

  • Install in your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Installs under your editing area on Page and Post admin area.
  • Simply input search terms and get results.
  • Choose your image alignment (none, left, center, right).
  • Scroll through results, which are divided up (paginated).
  • On clicking your choice, the pic is added to your post.

SEE ALSO: More Info | FAQ | Terms of Use

More Info

Wordpress Plugin: Free Clip Art Illustration Search, Splash Page

This is the opening splash page in the plugin.

This is the first release of the Clip Art Illustration and Image Finder / User. It is a plugin that provides a special interface in the post/page/admin user area to search and use illustrations from this website for free. Focus more on writing and less on the tedious task of finding and setting images in your blog.

The images it uses are the thumbnail preview images found in the search results of this site. As you can see, they are big enough for use. (See free images, terms of use)

Illustration and ClipArt Search Plugin, Main Interface

This is the main interface of the plugin. Its jQuery and Ajax powered. Its fun.

For you techies, its worth mentioning it uses jQuery and AJAX to make your search/find/insert actions fast and pointed. The animated and fluid design make it fun to use.

This is my first release of Clip Art Illustration and illustration Finder, so please report bugs, malfunctions, explosions, headaches, etc, to me on this website. I’ll work them out as I’m notified.

Search and Align Options of the Clip Art Illustration Seek/Find Insert WordPress Plugin

Here you can see the search/alignment options. When you click the image below, it automatically inserts into your post.

Its so easy to use the plugin, its almost unecessary to write directions on it. But wordpress likes a well-written support page, so here we go!

  1. Install the plugin – From the Administration Panels, click on the Plugin tab. Once you have uploaded a plugin to your WordPress plugin directory, activate it from the Plugins Management page. It will now be available under your editin area in the “post” or “page” admin screen.
  2. The plugin’s initial state is the ClipArtIllustration splash screen, along with some instructions. Simply type in your search terms such as “orange man” or “robot”. Then push the “search_illustrations” button. (Enter key is disabled for plugin functionality).
  3. You are then greeted with your search results.
    • Use the scrollbar to cycle between 20 options at a time (that was my solution for displaying lots of results in a little plugin box).
    • Use the page tabs below to go to the next 20 results, which you can scroll through.
    • If you are familiar with the wordpress editing workflow, then the centering options are already known to you. They are included here too for convenience.
    • Please note: You have “illustration Credit” options. Whether you credit the website with a link or copyright notice is your choice. But please do not post your illustration without at least one of these crediting options as this violates the illustration’s terms of use and makes me sad. (Of course, purchasing the illustration off the website removes all such requirements.)
  4. Simply click the illustration and it inserts into your user area where the curser was. Thats it!
Success! Image has been uploaded and is now in your post.



Frequently Asked Questions

– I push enter after typing my search terms, but nothing happens.

Simply push “search_images” with mouse after typing your search terms.

The enter key is disabled in this plugin box because it uses AJAX, a system that fetches content dynamically without needing a page refresh. The Enter key triggers a browser refresh, which can be slow and annoying…totally against the aim of this plugin.

– When I search, I get no results…the loading bar just sticks.

Its possible your plugin directory is somehow blocked either by htaccess or some other plugin or web host setting. In my next update on the plugin, this problem will be solved. Thanks for waiting.

– Do I have to keep the link or copyright notice under the image?

The image sizes this plugin utilizes are free. While I do not absolutely require a href=”back-to-me” backlink in their use, crediting the website “ClipArtIllustration.com” is required at least. I understand SEO concerns of webmasters, so I’ve tried to keep requirements minimal.

If you wish to credit ClipArtIllustration.com at the bottom of your blog post instead of doing it under every picture, you are welcome to do so. And of course you have my appreciation for your efforts in this regard.

–Are bigger images available?

Yes, they can be found on my website: http://www.clipartillustration.com/

Preview Images Terms of Use

Taken from our End User Licence Agreement:

You are welcome to use the thumbnail pictures free of charge so long as a backlink to http://www.clipartillustration.com/ is provided on the image itself, or below it.

Also, you may use the preview pictures free of charge so long as it remains unmodified with clipartillustration.com imprint intact.