Inmotion Hosting Hacked by Tiger-M@te. Users Greeted by Lame Looking “Hacked” Page.

Server Maintenance and Backup

This snippet explains a bit about the tiger-m@te inmotion hack which defaced thousands of people’s websites. Leave comments below.

To see how to fix this problem if you were affected, >click here<.

What happened?

Some hacker(s) decided to take on one of the world’s largest hosting companies, inmotion, and replace everyone’s index.php file with a cute little 1990’s style “Server Hacked!” splash page. It plays a rap song (given your dumb enough to stay on the page long enough for it to automatically download…which I was).

If inmotion gets hacked and 700,000 websites with it (including this humble one I make a living on) , that should say plenty about the internet, no? Its not easy to hack someone like inmotion. I love inmotion by the way. It just shows nobody is immune to getting hijacked in the pirate-infested waters we call the internet.

That being the case, what if a site like facebook gets hacked? Facebook deals purely in information – your information – so no doubt that would cripple society’s identity as a whole. I guess the internet is only as trustworthy as the hackers that run it.

The fix:

Its an easy fix. Just replace your index.php file with your back-up version. Multiple directories were affected, so if you use wordpress, check out folders wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes. Replace them with their respective index files from the default install. Also, inmotion hosting is running an automated repair on websites that have done backups in the past, so you may never have to touch it.

the Splash Page

Here is the splash-page I was greeted with. Hackers seem fond of 1990’s style web design (done by teen-age geeks with too much time on their hands).

Inmotion got hit by a little hacker... tiger-m@te

Remember WaRez? Remember the old days of hacking when teenagers used to run shady websites from their bedrooms while their parents were completely ignorant to what their kid was up to? The design of this webpage smacks of that era 1990's. If he was going for the vintage hacker look, I suppose he did well. But for a modern 700,000 webpage defacement notoriety getter?

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