Orange Man Color Changes — Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator

A little known fact is that Orange Men are like little chameleons — they can change color according to your design needs!

…they just need a little help.

Thank goodness for the Adobe Illustrator Magic Wand and Eyedropper tool, which this tutorial will teach you how to use!

First, why don't you swipe this little picture goodie below: A color pallet of the default design mascot color variations. A tutorial on how to change orange men to other colors follows below.

This is an easy tutorial. It uses pictures!

Step 1: Have a vector orange man ready. If you don't have any, you can find them at

Step 2.
Look at picture below. It shows where our essential tools for this operation are located.


Click on the picture if you need to see closer. It works on all the pictures. Be sure to use back button afterward on your browser!

Step 3: Add the color pallet you swiped onto your Adobe Illustrator work area.  Picture Below:


Step 4:
Change the settings on your magic wand tool from default  number to 0. This is done by double-clicking the icon on the tool tray. Pic below. (After this I'm going to stop saying picture below, ok?)


Step 5: Use the Lasso Tool to draw a selection line around the area you want to operate on…which is usually the orange man/woman. Sometimes the orange men have props and objects separate from them. We do not want these to be affected, so we will lock them in the next steps.


Step 6: Lock inverse. Start by going to the menue items Select/Inverse. When you've selected inverse, then go to object/lock, thus locking all that other stuff you don't want to touch in this operation.



Step 7: Magic Wand tool, selecting colors. Click the magic wand tool on the tool tray or push "Y" on your keyboard. Then click the shadow/dark oranges of the orange person you are working on.


Step 8: Eyedropper color change: Having done that, now click the eyedropper tool on the tool pallet push "i" on your keyboard to bring up the eyedropper tool. The darks of the orange person should still be selected as shown above. Now click the dark blue on the color pallet to switch the color from dark orange to dark blue.


Step 9: Deselect by clicking somewhere on the empty workspace, and then repeat the steps previous on the mid-tone of the orange person. Magic wand, eyedropper, sample. Same with the highlight.


Step 10: With your design mascot completed, unlock the rest of the objects on the canvas to free up the illustration for further editing/access.


Of course, you do not have to use the color pallet. You can, if you wish, just magic-wand color areas then bring up the color options menues to switch them to whatever you wish. I don't mind!

Learn Actions

If your a designer that intends to use A LOT of orange people, then something else you may wish to learn is how to use ACTIONS. That will GREATLY reduce the clicking involved in this operation. I would not be able to generate so many color variation orange men without them. A simple search online: "Adobe Illustrator Actions Tutorial" should get you started.

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Clip Art Illustration of asian/japanese drummer man, beating yellow drum sticks Royalty Free

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