Professional Graphic Design Set-Up. No Cost, High Quality.

Its easy to spend over 3000 dollars on new graphics software, and even more on the hardware needed to run it.

Here is a little known fact: You don’t have to spend anything on software to have top quality graphic tools at your disposal.

For 3d, there is Blender 3d. Its the most diverse 3d graphics suite out there, very stable, and high quality.

For raster based graphics, there is Gimp, photoshop’s free rival.

And for vector graphics, check out Inscape, a high quality vector editing package, also free.

The bottom graphic was created using them.

Jester Albino Hamster

Never Trust a Graphic Designer’s Claim of Spotting a UFO (especially if he provides pictures)

I’ve since moved out of this house…its hard to get a good night’s sleep when a tractor beam is shining through your window at night. With all of the observatories here in Hawaii, I’m amazed nobody can back up a legitimate UFO sighting. What, you guys didn’t spot them from the Mauna Kea Observatories? What do you mean you think I “edited” the photograph?

Alien Attack

Actually, the UFOs came to this island in part to search for intelligent life, but mostly to get caught up on their knowledge of exotic foods. They were also able to restock on spam and rice enough to feed their entire planet.

Anyway, if you are unable to make legitimate UFO sightings, you can always generate a pretty good one in Blender 3d, and use Gimp to impose it into your photograph, as I have on occassion.