New Illustration Clip Art of Enlightened Robot Being Lifted up in State of Awareness Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Illustration Clip Art of Enlightened Robot Being Lifted up in State of Awareness

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A manufacturing robot which seems to be coming to life, newly aware…or something. I don’t know, it just seemed like a cool pose.

This may be giving technology a little too much credit, considering robots, although used for manufacturing and accurate, are unable to combine sensory and logic to even navigate around basic obstacles without complications.

Our little AO-Maru here, is his new role of manufacturing and a 5s system mascot does rather efficiently navigate and perform quite well.

In fact, as a 5s mascot, his new skills include: Sorting, Setting in Order, Sweeping, Standardization, and Sustaining.

Seems like a strange job for a robot, but most people cannot be bothered with such mundane redundant tasks. AO-Maru, however, finds great fulfillment in pursuing this as his life goal.

Be sure to use AO-Maru the 3d robot illustration to appeal to your manufacturing associates in workplace standardization and optimization!

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