JesterArts Bookmark Pack! Tutorial on Uploading Batch Bookmarks with Tags to and Firefox Auto Tagging

Uploading Bookmark Batches with Keyword Rich Tags on

This tutorial serves two purposes:

  1. Provide those who use JesterArts Illustrations and ClipArt with a way to quickly locate their desired illustrations via bookmarking.
  2. Show general users how to upload batch quantities of  bookmarks with keyword rich tags to
  3. If you are just looking  for auto-tagging, see the bottom of this post.

If you would like to have quick access to JesterArts most popular illustrations through your bookmarks, download this file here: JAIbookmarks. This will be the file you are uploading.

If you are looking at this tutorial strictly for uploading your own bookmarks, follow these steps (firefox users 3.6.3).

  1. Go to Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks.
  2. Choose Import and Backup/Backup.
  3. It will prompt you to save it. Choose JSON file type, as it will suggest. (This saves it in a version that will retain your tags).

Uploading Firefox Tagged Bookmarks to

  1. Have ready either The JAIbookmarks file (for you fans) or your own bookmark file created from the above steps.
  2. Go to
  3. Go to settings. (See below screenshot, click to enlarge)
  4. Then go to Import/Upload Bookmarks. (See Screenshot)
  5. Then choose Manual Import, which is tucked away toward the bottom. (Screenshot)
  6. Then choose the file, either theJAIbookmarks file provided or the one you created in the above steps.
  7. Choose whether or not you want them public. If you choose to keep them public, the bookmark/keyword diversity will bring more people to your bookmark collection, if that is what you are after. (And the exposure certainly benefits us too!). If you keep them private, thats cool too.

Once your all done that, push the big green “IMPORT NOW” button, and your all set!

Auto Tagging, Firefox

If you are doing this operation for your own tags, and you are not the best keyworder, try this auto-tagging add-on for firefox: Auto-Tagging 2.6. Go to the page you want bookmarked/tagged, push CTRL D or SHFT CTRL L (whichever works) and the bookmark dialogue will come up. The rest is explained in the autotagging page.

Please let me know if you found this tutorial helpful!  — Leo.



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