Great Recession Economic Collapse Credit Issues and Home Foreclosure Illustration 3d Render

A credit illustration dedicated to the Great Recession. 3d Render.

Here is a free illustration of the Credit Trap. This 3d clip art illustration of a man trapped in the credit struggle becomes more relatable by the year, by more and more people, businesses, and entire governments. The credit trap. This illustration will serve anyone’s needs who on their blog or business articles will need to illustrate the sad effects poverty and credit.

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The Credit Trap, man stuck in credit woes of economic recession.

Trapped in credit problems.

This one one of the first concepts I had produced in the beginning of my illustration career. Its still a favorite in the library.

Top Side View of Credit Card Mouse Trap (the Credit Trap)

Seen from side view, the credit trap.

The Credit Trap, credit card with mouse trap built onto it.

Credit Trap