Behind the Scenes: JesterArts Character Creation

I've been doing so much 3d work lately I've been dreaming in polygons. To get to sleep I count vertices, and when I wake up I'm subconsciously thinking of rigging strategies to get the best movement out of a character.

Its time for a vacation, I think. Today I stopped at a bike shop and checked out some Kawasaki Ninjas, and for once I actually found myself interested in the real thing, and not just wondering how I'd make a model of it.

But while I'm still locked in the 3d thing, exploring new horizons with concepts, here is a small breakdown of how this stuff is done! Are you a customer? This will be enjoyable to see what is done to get to the finished product.

No doubt you've seen enough behind-the-scenes extra features — heck, a twelve year old knows it by now — to know whats involved in the creation of a 3d character! But here's another one in case you haven't had enough!

 Most 3d artists enjoy showing the rendered product, but many 3d artists want to see the wireframe where a true assessment of quality can be made. Its not enough to construct the 3d model to "look right" but the "Edge flow", that is, the arrangement of the geometry, must be properly created to allow the greatest and most natural range of movement.

Screenshot Ant Workspace1Ant Workspace Screenshot WorkflowHamster Workspace Screenshot

The hardest part of the entire process, for me, is rendering and re-rendering to get the lighting and materials right. Thats because its so incredibly time consuming. But the end results are usually worth the time involved.

Hamster and DrillJester Hamster

The ant series is probably going to be more practical to the needs of the market, and I'm glad I spent a little extra time on it. The textures were created in Zbrush, a program made specifically for adding detail onto the model as one might paint a sculpture. Here are the texture maps created for the ant:

Ant Normal MapAnt Body

The multicolored map on the left is responsible for adding the smaller geometric details in the texture. It "fakes" things like cracks and bumps in the texture. It uses the RGB values as coordinates instead of color, telling the renderer to simulate the effect of changes in surface qualities. This map is called a "normal map" because it has to do with the "normals" of the polygon faces, that is, the direction in which the polygons face.

The map on the right is a typical texture map, wrapping an image around the model itself. All 3d model textures are stored as flat images, assigned to "UV coordinates". UV coordinates are the same as XY, except with different letters, so that its not confused with XY coordinates of 3d space.

The end result is an ant of low geometric detail that looks realistic, due to a strategic use of textures.

Hope you enjoyed this brief walk-through of the JesterArts workflow! If you have any questions, let me know. These models are available on my website if you'd like to use them!


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JesterArts Project: Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter, the Wardenclyffe Tower

Here is a project I created some time ago, free to the masses: Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower.

The 3d model is available here:

This massive tower stood over 180 feet high and was meant to transmit energy to other recieving towers via wireless transmission. Nikola Tesla achieved this through smaller experiments, and created this tower to bring his creation to a global level. Sadly, “free energy” did not match the vision of his investors, so the project was shut down. Due to people frequently stealing his ideas, Nikola Tesla never fully explained how this phenomenon worked, leaving modern scientists either baffled or skeptical at the idea.

In harmony with Tesla’s dream to “Keep it free”, these images are free for your use, please enjoy!

Want more free illustrations for your own use? Check out my website:

Magnifying Transmitter, The Wardenclyffe Tower

Magnifying Transmitter, The Wardenclyffe Tower

Custom Robo, Created for your Business

I get many inquiries asking me to create "custom robot mascots" for people's businesses, often "like AO-Maru" the robot I sell through microstock libraries. Here are some basic questions answered, if you ever wish to have a custom 3d robot mascot created. After the questions, see some examples of custom robots I've recently created for people.

Q: How much does a custom 3d robot mascot cost?
A: 1,500 on average, depending upon complexity. First four renders are free, then $90 a pose/render afterward.

Q: Do I own the 3d model file itself, and can I manipulate it and re-render it myself?
A: Yes, after the model is complete you get the Blender 3d file (download free program from and you can do whatever you want with it, including use other designers to create renders! Wow, cool huh?

Q: How long does it take to create a custom robo for my business/mascot needs.
A: About two weeks. May take longer depending on busy-ness. Depending on my situation, you may be on a waiting list, but be sure to contact me — I may have an open time slot.

Q: Do I have to put money down?
A: No — you pay after project is complete. Copyright is transfered at time of sale. If you choose not to pay or project is terminated, I simply keep the robot for my own use.

Q: Can my robot be animated?
A: Yes, simple animations. I create the robot for basic still posing, and is not optimized for animation. Also, animations cost different depending upon complexity.

Q: Can you supply a list of people you've done projects for of this nature so I know what I'm getting into?
A: Yes. No point in having all that money on the line and not know what your getting into!

Q: Will this be a fun project?

See past examples below.—-tuba-robot.html

Tuba Rocket PreviewTuba Cute Pose PreviewTuba Skate Board Preview—-mindsystems-project-overview.html

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JesterArts Free Image: Go to the Ant

Ants just may be the most exceptional creature on the face of this planet! Perhaps I’m biased, because they have always been my favorite insect. One day I’d like to make a perfect 3d model of an ant, complete with every small anatomical detail, hair, etc.

This ant however was rendered just for the sake of making cool illustrations to depict concepts of human society. I hope you enjoy these images. Larger print quality images can be found on These are free for web use under the JesterArts Illustrations license agreement.

See also the ant posing test animation below. Its pretty cool.Fire Ant

Ant Chip FriendsAnt Pinned[wpvideo EJU1Ye1w]

New Illustration Clip Art of Robotic Crabs Working as Team Standing as Pillar to Success Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Illustration Clip Art of Robotic Crabs Working as Team Standing as Pillar to Success

–Download the Illustration–

A brand new series of 3d Robots. They are little crabs! This model was inspired on the 711 Crab here in Hawaii. These little guys have very strong claws.

The 3d model was mostly for fun since I’m a fan of crustaceans and arthropods (Crabs and Bugs). Read More (See the Illustration)…

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Digital Works seen at this website are created for graphic designs, internet designers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and writers needing targeted Digital Works.

Digital Works supplied via this website are made with the end user as a focus. For quite a while these graphic libraries have enpowered the visual identity of websites that utilize them. Digital Works acquired via will enhance your project also!

New Clip Art Illustration of Green Robotic Scarab Royalty Free Stock Illustration

New Image: Clip Art Illustration of Green Robotic Scarab

–Download the Illustration–

Illustration ClipArt of a green robotic scarab.

This is actually created in vector, based on a 3d model. It was created to have a clean and techie feel to it, kind of like a robot toy. It was created for fun…not many people use it. I’d love to see this illustration put to use. Read More (See the Illustration)…

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Green Screen Graphics Branding / Mascot Fun. 3d Model Project Round-Up.

The completed Greenscreen Graphics mascot. For those of you who are looking for custom illustrations and branding icons for your business, see the page where I describe this service –

This was a simple project done for Mike Gauthier’s GreenScreen graphics. The g-bot will be seen crawling all over the walls of his shop.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. G-Bot rest pose, Clip Art Illustration.

This was an improvise. My renderer messed up this picture, leaving a whole area of the pic incomplete. Since it was broken, I just edited the photo in photoshop to look really broken.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Damaged robot, broken hand, illustration

Climbing the wall…left.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Looking left, climbing wall, crab robot illustration.

G-bot is leaning back and reaching toward you…

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Crab robot reaching upward clip art illustration

On-guard and contorted.

GreenScreen Graphics Promo Mascot. Crab Robot moving to the left. Clip Art Illustration.