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Hello, my name is Leo, creator of Robot Designer with Drafting Pencil

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. Modern marketing, branding, and design have brought “pictures” two a whole new level. More than likely you’ve arrived at looking for a branding solution through a personage such as a mascot. This is my specialty.

Please note, if you are inquiring of custom work, see > this page <.

The characters (referred to as mascots) on this website have been created with the purpose of complimenting people’s marketing and branding endeavors. They are not only created to look good, but have personality traits which are tailored to connect with a given audience.

Lets talk about the characters found on

Orange Man | AO-Maru | Krinkle’s People | Robotto | More

The Orange Man

The Orange Man Series by Leo Blanchette

The first and most successful of all of my characters. The Orange Man was created for the broadest audience appeal ( originally vector graphics ), so that he could represent any design, business, or website needed. The Orange Man is simple, bright, and happy. He’s quite effective in advertising because his bright color and simple form attract the eye.

Due to popular request, he’s been adapted to quite a few other colors too. Orange Man‘s artwork is available in a wide variety of settings, giving you the greatest ability to include him in your visual presentation.

The Orange Man is available in individual pictures plus entire discounted collections (for those who intend to use him a lot).

See also —

3d Orange Man

3d Orange Man

NextGen Orange Man

The NextGen Orange Men, New Series

Search Other Colors

Yellow People Characters

Blue People CharactersRed Characters and Vector MascotsWhite People Clip Art


AO-Maru Robot Mascot Branding Series

After I had created a lot of little orange people, I decided to challenge myself a little bit and make something more suited to those of the “technology” fields. Seeing the patterns of the internet, I realized a “bot” would be a useful mascot. There are lots of software and technology oriented customers who needed something more “fun” and sci-fi.
Nobody really notices this, but AO-Maru‘s proportions are similar to the Orange Man’s. Big head, chubby extremities. The same formula of branding success was put into this robot as the Orange Man.

Krinkle’s People: It Really is a Small World After All!

Krinkle's People cute cultural characters

Designed with admiration for the diversity of race and culture. Created for bloggers and business owners who want something cute and attractive. Sushi shops, pets, koi fish, french cuisine…lots of little niche subjects included here.

The Robotto Series

Technology, Programming and Software Illustrations

These other robot illustrations work wonderful along the AO-Maru series. The newest one is “Blueberry Bot”, a cute stylized space-age character. I’m rather hoping he finds his way into communications and social network related subjects, as those seem to be a growing trend.


While not extremely related to full-on branding, there are still plenty of images and series on this website which are very useful to bloggers and designers young and old. Browse to see them all. See some examples below:

Four Ants Four Ants Team Work 3d Render

Cute Blue Bird Robot Developer's Clip ArtLittle Dot People

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12 thoughts on “the Characters

  1. Your work demonstrates incredible depth as well as lighthearted humor. An absolute joy visiting this site!!

  2. Its really amazing dude, i love all characters you made, even i am going to put some of these in my website. Hope you don’t mind. But i am just want to say… Wow whats a creativity….

  3. Hi can I use the pictures in a piece of work at school without paying please? Not the full images, just the small thumbnails. I will acknowledge you as the owner/creator of the pictures.

  4. Would like to use your “orange man ” for a non profit conservation organization. ( orange man hiking) Any chance you have a “green” man of the same design.?

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