AO-Maru, Orange Men, and Other Illustrations on Zazzle

I have no sense of style. I'm not kidding. I dress horribly. I can render a good digital image, but see no problem in wearing striped shirt with aloha print surf shorts. I would not know this was a bad match unless a number of people had mentioned it.

So what business do I have attaching all of these illustrations of mine to clothing designs and stuff? Actually, I have no business doing this at all, and I do risk having my creative license revoked as a result. But it is a fact that there are others (maybe millions) like me who have absolutely no sense of style and would just love to be covered in prints of orange men and blue robots (yes, wearing both at the same time) and its to these people that I will reach out to!

So here it is, I'm setting up a zazzle store to cater to those style-challenged eccentrics who wish to express themselves through goofy little characters and clever sayings. You can even get matching coffee mugs! Examples below. (PS — T-shirt model is not me.)



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